Documents Required To File Income Tax Return for Salaried Individual

Few days are left to file the income tax return. You should complete this formality to get the tax refund, if any. Although income tax return filing has become easier, it will help if you keep your documents ready. We are giving the list of documents required to file an income tax return. And also, you are not required to send any document with the income tax return. Only, you have to keep them with you for any further query.

Form 16

Form 16 is a statement issued by your employer which has the details of your salary, exemptions, deductions and TDS. For a salaried individual the form 16 eases the tax filing process. As you have all the relevant information at one place. The government has prescribed a format to prepare the form 16. All the employer’s follow this format. For a salaried individual the form 16 is must for filing income tax return.

Bank Passbook/ Statements

You are required to fill the bank account details in the income tax return. Therefore, you should keep all the passbook before filing income tax return. Since, interest earnings of more than 10,000 is also taxable.

Fixed Deposit Statement

You may not get the passbook of a fixed deposit, but the interest income on fixed deposit is also taxable. Therefore, certificate of interest is required for the period for which return is to be filed.

Recurring Deposit Statement

For filing return, statement of RD (passbook) showing interest accrued during the period of return is required.

Proof To Avail Exemptions

There are some allowances which are not part of your taxable income. But you are required to give the proof of actual expense.

  • House Rent Receipt for HRA
  • Medical Expense Receipts
  • Tickets For LTA

Proof of Home Loan Interest

Home loan interest is eligible for further tax deduction. You can use interest of up to Rs 2 lakhs for tax deduction. But you are required to produce the home loan statement to avail this benefit.