Annual Statutory Compliances:

  • Maintenance of Minutes books, Statutory registers and other support services.
  • Meetings of Board of Directors, Shareholders, Creditors etc.
  • Filing of Annual returns with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (ROC).

Event Based Compliances:

  • Change in Authorised Capital.
  • Change/alteration in the name of the company.
  • Issue/Allotment of Shares and related compliances.
  • Transfer of Shares from and between Indians, NRI, PIO and Foreign Nationals or Entity.
  • Change of registered office with in the same city, from one city to another and state to another.
  • Alteration of main object of the company.
  • Starting new business in addition to the Main object.
  • Appointment and Resignation of Directors.
  • Appointment of directors and their remuneration.

Purchase or Take over of Management

  • Amalgamation, Merger and Acquisition of companies.
  • Change of ownership and management and related due diligence services.

Certification and Compliance Services

  • Certifications under Companies Act.
  • Certifications under FEMA & RBI Guidelines.

Charge Management Services for Banks

  • Search Reports of Companies.
  • Registration, Modification and Satisfaction of Charge.
  • Condonation of delay to CLB (Company Law Board).
  • Legal Due Diligence.

Representation Services

  • Appearing before the Company Law Board, Central Government, Regional Director and RoC.

Closure of Business

  • Winding-up of Company.
  • Closure of the Company under Section 560.

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